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We were once asked to give our elevator speech, and we weren’t even on an elevator.  What do you do?  What do you sell?  You should be able to tell people in just a few sentences, we were advised. So we did. We sell hardwood and shop services; we do whatever you don’t want to do. 

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About Good Wood Guys

We love hardwood. Yes, we know, we told you that already,
but that really is our story. 

Humble Beginnings

We love hardwood. Yes, we know, we told you that already, but that really is our story.  However, loving hardwood can be difficult, if not downright expensive when you live in Great Falls, Montana, which may be why people here tend to have an affinity for pine.


Thankfully, our love for hardwood connected us with a guy from Illinois who vacationed here in our great state. This guy just happened to have a sawmill. Noticing our love for hardwood, Dan the Woodman, as we came to call him, also had an idea. We should sell his wood here. We loved his idea.

Moving on Up

We were not the only woodworkers in the area looking for Good Wood, and the demand for our Good Wood quickly outgrew our small space and limited time. So we bought a much bigger space, quit our day jobs, filled the space with even more Good Wood, found a few more mills, and here we are, live on the internet, ready to serve not just Montanans, but woodworkers everywhere. 


If you are planning an heirloom project, Chris is your go-to Good Wood guy. 

Chris’s education and experience give him a knowledge base difficult to surpass in the retail lumber industry.  He understands the biology of the tree he sells, so he understands not just woodworking, but also wood.   

Chris spent years in the lumber industry as a millwright before entering retail sales and management for companies renowned for their customer service. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry, and a Master’s of Art in Secondary Teaching.  Chris is also a skilled woodworker, and he has incredible mechanical skills.  He’s been called everything from a renaissance man to a gosh-darn genius.


If you need help with a small piece, Susan will help you find just the right one. 

Susan grew up in retail, working at a young age at her parents’ surplus hardware store, when hardware still described wood and nails.  She has since spent the last 15 years assisting Chris with everything from home remodels to heirloom tables, and you don’t spend that much time with a genius without learning a thing or two.  In addition, Susan is a beginner wood-turner and proud member of the Great Falls Woodturners’ club.  

One of the many things her parents taught her about business is that “word of mouth is the best advertising”, so she makes sure our Good Wood customers have a great experience.  If you are lucky enough to visit Great Falls, you’ll see this is not your average wood store.  It might start with a cold root beer on a hot day and end at the counter discussing the latest turning projects.  Somewhere in between, she will help you find the piece that makes your project perfect.  


If you are planning a visit, Josie will meet you at the door.  

That is her job as the official Good Wood greeter, and she takes it very seriously.  While she is really more of a Good Wood dog, she is definitely an important part of the staff.  Josie grew up in the shop, eagerly awaiting the off-cuts to fall to the floor, and she is quite the connoisseur of Good Wood.  She will often turn down two or three chunks until she gets to just the right one. In between greeting, you can find her in the office resting on her pillow, chewing on some Good Wood.

The rest of the crew

If you are lucky like us, you will find others that love Good Wood.

We really couldn’t do what we do without the support of our family and friends.  Depending on when you visit, you may find our friend Steve offering advice on gun stocks, or Susan’s dad Ivan creating another Good Wood award. You may find customers sharing pictures and stories of their latest projects or ideas for new ones.  You may find even find our financial advisor investing in wood. Why? Because we love Good Wood, and we love being surrounded by people who share our passion. 

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